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Introducing the World's First motorcycle jacket to integrate ROAME® wireless technology that mimics your motorcycle's Turn-Signals and Brake-Lights. 

Second-Generation NYGHT RYDER JACKETS are available to order now, and will ship immediately. Supply of the Second-Generation is limited and will SELL OUT Quickly. 

You can order in Standard Size or order a Custom NYGHT RYDER Jacket made in your exact measurements, and the colors of your choice. 

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The Nyght Ryder Jacket runs on a proprietary network and tech patented by ROAME®

Jackets come with a Vehicle Control Box and installation instructions. Once installed and paired, your Nyght Ryder Jacket will wirelessly and automatically mimic exactly what your motorcycle's lights do. (Turning, Braking, Hazards)

Enjoy up to 8+ hours of continuous use on a single charge (much longer on highway)

If you already have
ROAME ZERO® Shoes, you can pair this to your existing ROAME Vehicle Box. 100% Plug and Play.
Full Nyght Ryder Ad

Full Nyght Ryder Ad

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